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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

the ideas just been there for a while... was watching some old Highlander episidoes a few days back, and this scene just struck a chord with me...

Duncan: Immortality definitely has an upside. Think about it, in 400 years you might be racing starships instead of Harleys.

Richie: You think things are going to change that much?

Duncan: Well, Richie, when I was a kid, the fastest way to travel was by horse, and if you wanted to fly, you had to be a bird.

Richie: All right. I'll see ya later.

Duncan: Thanks for the help. No problem.

Richie: Oh, and by the way, Mac, in 400 years when we do race starships, I'm gonna kick your ass.

Duncan: Sure you will. I'll see ya later.
While Richie died the next year sadly, I could definitely see Duncan joining Starfleet in the future... especially after an attack on Earth... he'd see it as 'his duty' to protect his planet or some other honourable stuff lol

In Russia, a 122 year old man has passed away, he credited his long life to abtaining from alcohol, tobacco and women. His last words were "I've made a huge mistake."
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