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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

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Are spoiler rules applicable in threads where the title warns of them?
When the film hasn't been officially released anywhere yet, absolutely.
Ah, makes sense.

Now what about when the movie is released overseas next week before its release in America?
Then I would point you to the spoiler rules, which are stickied at the very top of this forum:

- Finally, the statute of limitations on whether to consider an episode/film free of spoilers is one year from the time when it first airs, wherever it first airs. If a new episode of a series or film airs on June 1st in England then on Aug 1st in the US, the clock starts ticking on June 1st.
Now, can we get back to talking about The Avengers, or would you like to continue backseat modding?
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