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Re: Fringe 4x19 - "Letters of Transit" (Live Commentary, Spoilers)

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As for John Noble as a Captain or Admiral in a Star Trek movie/tv series, all I will say is absolutely yes

A big yes from me as well. I've been thinking about that notion all morning here at work, and I'd love to see a new Trek series in the Prime Universe, set either at the very end of the 22nd century or the beginning of the 23rd (say around 2212, maybe). With Noble as a fleet captain. It would be a great way to reference events from ENT while continuing to connect to TOS. It's a pipe dream, I know, but I'd really love to see this.
I'd honestly prefer to see a new series after the end of Voyager in the post-Nemesis universe, but staying away from the novel storylines (because there's some events there that I'm not a fan of). However, John Noble does seem more like the type to be commanding a vessel around the TOS era doesn't he?

I think just having John Noble in anything Trek someday would be awesome.

On another note: Didn't Joshua Jackson audition for the role of Kirk in Star Trek 2009? I think he would have made a fine Kirk.
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