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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

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Thor was not being 100% truthful in that scene. He also possessed the Odinpower then. His own power levels were through the roof. That's why Iron Man couldn't do a damn thing to him, and his strikes were devasting.

Without the Odinforce, Thor is about 50% more powerful than Iron Man. With it he's at least 150% more powerful. It makes a big difference.
Care to cite for me where your claim about his power level is justified? Not the part about Odinforce, but the idea that he's only 50% more powerful than Tony w/o it.

I know of no basis to think that Thor was not telling the truth when he said he'd been holding back, and a lot of the events in the Thor books (esp the older ones) back that contention up.

Simply put, Thor is a member of Club Superman, those characters who, if written at their full canon power, are simply too overwhelmingly powerful for most threats they face solo, never mind in team books.
I don't deny that. But Iron Man is no slouch either. He's one of the Avenger's heavy hitters and always has been. Depending on the writer and the armor he's wearing he can come within shouting distance of Thor. Although Thor is clearly the more powerful of the two by a substantial margin.

The percentages are estimates based on having read their respective books, and The Avengers, for years (late 70s -late 90s).
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