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We don't know how much energy Tony's reactor produces.
The Mark I AR was rated at 3GJ/s, the Mark II and III Paladium AR's seemed to give maybe 10 times that based on the Mark II/III suits. The Mark IV (Vibranium) AR was just given as 'significantly higher', lets argue 5 times more again or 50 times the original, 150GJ/s.

The suit in the movie would have to be able to withstand it's capacitors receiving charge from the reactor all at once depending on what Tony was planning, split between them perhaps, and a little buffering so say 175 maybe?

In other words, more than anything else on Earth could throw at him so I doubt he thought anything actually physically could do that to him. A man with a hammer throwing around hundreds of Gigajoules? I don't think anyone "expects" that.
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