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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

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It's a Hollywood summer movie based on a comicbook. Little suspension of disbelief, please.
To be fair, there have been times in the comic that Tony is pretty injured in the suit...taking off his helmet and spitting up blood, and having collapsed lungs and broken ribs and stuff like that.
I'm also reminded of the famous confrontation between the 616 Tony (aka the Iron Facist) and Thor over the creation of "Clor"

The film Thor may or may not be fighting at full power.
Thor was not being 100% truthful in that scene. He also possessed the Odinpower then. His own power levels were through the roof. That's why Iron Man couldn't do a damn thing to him, and his strikes were devasting.

Without the Odinforce, Thor is about 50% more powerful than Iron Man. With it he's at least 150% more powerful. It makes a big difference.
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