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It's also interesting how Thor's lightning "overcharges" the suit... If the suit only has x-power capacity that's it. "Overcharging it" would cause the suit to blow up (electrically) not somehow find a place to put all of that extra energy?
Well, I would note that:

1) engineers are "always a wee bit conservative, at least on paper". They build more capacity into any system than they strictly need, just in case.

2)The storage capacity of a power cell can be said to be "X", and "overcharging" the cell might damage it but in general it's not going to just go "poof" the microsecond it goes a tenth of a percent over that limit (unless you are talking about the physical tolerances of the materials it's constructed of, in which case see my first point).
What if it it's a few times over the limit? Are engineers that conservative on paper?

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