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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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some of the books have continuity carried over from the DCU, mainly Batman and Green Lantern's continuities carried over.

So pretty much like Teen Titans after the original Crisis, IIRC. Because it was their best selling book, they didn't want to lose it to complete "from day one" reboot. Which led to the mess of the early days and people trying to figure out what was in and what was out.

Over the years, the current regime has basically done updates on all the big hits of their teenage years, (Great Darkness Saga, Crisis, 70's era JLA lineup, etc) and they've even recreated their own post reboot timeline cluster fuck. LOL!

Being out of comics for a year has helped me mellow on it all, and having purchased my share of Golden Age Archive editions, I'm not as averse as I used to be of just having each hero in his own world and being "the main hero".

I realize I'm in the minority on that one though.

Probably my favorite book in recent times, and one I'd still pick up if it weren't in limbo, is Paul Grists "Jack Staff". It's an entire comic universe in one book, with multiple threads and characters.....but the catch is every time it switches characters, it's like your reading that characters chapter in an anthology book, complete with logo and catch phrase.

It had a cool sense of both modern comics and comics of yore, plus it was just plain FUN. Something most mainstream comics aren't.
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