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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Justice League just baffles me. It was hyped up to be THE book of the New 52, with Johns and Lee working together for the first time, with all the major characters of the DCU. It is considered the flagship book of the New 52 as well, one of the major selling points. What has been extremely disappointing is Johns writing of the characters as nothing more than un-likeable caricatures of each other, even Aquaman who he writes near perfectly in the solo book, is written different in Justice League. The origin story was bizarre in the way it was structured and written as well. At least Jim Lee was bringing it...his art was pretty fantastic. Can't say the same for Johns writing. I haven't been this disappointed by a book in a long time that I was highly anticipating at first.
Interesting. I've read similar claims about GL. Is JLA intended to be the gateway by which new readers jump into the greater DCU? Sorta "start here.....then get better characterization in the solo books." It almost sounds like JLA is "sorta" in the same continuity, character wise, but not exactly.

As a long time JSA fan (since the 70's when I had my first run in with them) I'm very interested in the new Earth-2 book. I'm that rare JSA fan that has long felt it was time to cut their ties to WW2. After a certain point, the age thing just doesn't work....especially when certain artists drew them pretty much like seniors.

Jay, Alan and Ted, the retconned "core" of the team all had perfectly good excuses to be presented as young....the trick came in the desire to have them with their original loves. Except that these weren't love interests with the staying power or "iconic-ness" of a Lois Lane.

Even tied to WW2, they could've had the original ladies pass on, and have the guys move on, Highlander style. And then you just sort of rarely mention their WW2 adventures.

Or, you just have them as always about ten years older than the JLA, on a sliding timescale. I mean, they weren't The Invaders.....they didn't actually fight in either theater of war....they just fought spies and saboteurs here in the states for the most part, with the occasional circus appearance for War Bond Drives.

IMO, they just seem to be in a better place than The Invaders to divorce from WW2.

So now that they're being updated to contemporaries of the JLA, at least from what I've read so far, I'm very interested to see what they do with these characters and how they make them fresh.

My biggest dilemma is buy it off the stands, or wait for the trade. This is probably the first book in the last year that I'm actually wanting to read as it comes out.

Since we're on the subject of trades.....any recommendations of nu52 trades? More than likely I'll pick up Morrison's Action run, as I loved his All Star Superman. But beyond that, nothing really jumps out at me.
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