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Re: 53 Reasons Why We Need a New Star Trek TV Series

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Cute list.

But we need a new Star Trek series to critique our culture and make us examine what we have become. And that will force us to become something better.

Roddenberry took a lot heat for Next Gen being so "politically correct." I remember hearing his speak at a con back in the 80s.

He created almost perfect characters because believed that people minicked what they saw on television. He said that Next Gen was not what we are "but what we should become."

Now if we could only do that.
So eloquently said....

Love it.

I may be in the minority here, I know people keep giving ideas for a new way to do a Trek series, but I would like to see another show about the bridge crew on the enterprise! Maybe its because I never got to watch a series on TV when it was new (I was 12 when Enterprise came out and I didn't have a TV till I was 17!) but I would love to fall in love with a new Captain! Get to know a new crew! maybe they could explore a whole new part of space or it could be set a hundred years after Next Gen... Whatever it is I think they should stay with the tried and true formula.
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