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Re: 53 Reasons Why We Need a New Star Trek TV Series

20. American Horror Story meets Star Trek.
Interesting episode idea, but not for a series.

25. Vulcan-on-Vulcan sex scene.
Lesbian Vulcan-on-Vulcan sex scene, it's only logical.

38. Episode 97: First Officer Drake gets hooked on space drugs ...
This too might make for a interesting episode, drug use inside Starfleet, and the Federation was never well looked into. Is it a problem? How do they deal with it?

44: An HBO Star Trek series with a similar tone to Game of Thrones ...
Icky, no, go away, stupid idea.

45: An entire series set on the sick bay of a Starship where they must treat unsual space illnesses. Think House but in space!
While I never got into House, I loved CSI (Vegas). A Star Trek show that de-emphisizes "the command crew" and features a team of investigators working a problem or mystery every week. It wouldn't have to be medical, but it could be.

Doctor House didn't run the hospital he worked in. Nightshift Grissom (CSI) didn't run the Las Vegas Police Department. Team leader Gibbs doesn't run NCIS, they aren't the "people upstairs."

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30. First openly gay Starfleet Captain!
One thing about this statement does puzzle me though. The whole 'openly gay' thing. Was there a closeted Captain at some point?
There has been some conjecture (some by me) that the reason we don't see gays in Star Trek is because they are in some way being "suppressed" by the Federation's overall society. Think America sixty years ago. So having a Captain who make the decision to be openly gay would be one way of introducing gays into the Star Trek world.

The story line could mirror the historical gay coming out that actually occurred in our society, but set in the Star Trek universe, a on going B-story, or C-story that is one aspect of the series, but not the only subject of the series.

The Captain could meet with acceptance from some, but rejection, resistance and condemnation from other in Starfleet and the Federation on general. And even those aboard his (her) own ship.

This would be an alternative to suddenly showing gays and saying oh yeah "they" were alway here, and alway accepted.

The Federation is all inclusive, please don't ask too many questions.

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