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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

Picard was like watching a fish for seven years in a tank. Riker was a man whore. Sisko was the best, but watching him wear that ugly Picard uniform only darker and more dismal was unbearable. Odo was depressing. Quark was ass ugly. I could go on and on, but nobody likes to see disfigured ugly except at the DMV. Nobody ever had control over all the departments except Berman though they may have thought they did, they didn't.What a twenty year disaster and now something worse. The only available and emotionally accessable Captain was Kirk. Maybe they should base it on new Romulus and the political ramifications of that. Getting lost in the Delta quadrant was a wrong message to base a series on. The NX-01 was a stupid design because it was already obsolete. How stupid and short sighted do you have to be to work at Paramount? Braga is a very weak willed sort. But Berman was a tank.
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