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Re: SimCity 5 on its way in 2013!

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I saw your post, but I still remain unconvinced. It's the same as a keycode or a CD check (which they're doing away with, but used to be standard practice).
I don't like those things either, but neither of them allow the corporations to monitor my activity. If we allow them to control when we can play our games then they can take that ability away from us whenever they want and for whatever reasons they want. In what sort of universe is it okay for EA to ban people from playing singleplayer games that they legally purchased because they added a singleplayer mod? This isn't some conspiracy theory about what they might do in the future, they are already doing this.

I'm curious, would you be okay if your DVD player had to connect to the internet every time you tried to watch a movie? What about every time your MP3 player tried to play music? When you try to read a book on an e-reader? Where's the line for you?
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