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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

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Exploration of the origins of Trek is the key to universe building a concept.
What, like the Birth of the Federation? An ENT replay (done right this time) is one of my perennial favorite ideas. It's so damn simple, why can't they get it right? The Earth-Romulan war forces Earth to find allies, which forms the nucleus of the Federation. Done and done.
So true. I would love that too. And maybe, just maybe if they get around the idea some day once again they will understand that it ain't important for the ship to be called Enterprise, it ain't important to see the ferengies (and not call them by they name) or the borg, but it is important to be done right ... If cannon of the future series said nukes, give us nukes, if they say that humans never saw a Romulan face to face, keep it simple: do not show them face to face ... And one more thing: a 24th century ship turned upside down does not count as chunkier and bulkier and 200 years earlier model ... It really does not.
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