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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

The Sox and Yankees take a lot of crap for long games (and it's true, especially when playing each other), but i don't get the problem. Gets kinda old after a few hours, I guess, but aren't they doing EXACTLY what they should be? why have a bullpen if you won't use the pitchers to get the best possible matchups?

Granted, some of the delay is nonsense, but that's true of most games. The REAL reason why they take so long is that both teams go in with the same philosophy: Make the pitcher WORK. they are both in the top of the league every year in Pitches per Plate Appearance. they don't usually swing at the first pitch, more counts go full, they'll foul off a ton of pitches. Boring, but exactly what you should be doing. Better chance of getting *your* pitch to hit, and worst case, it chases the starting pitcher from the game earlier, which means you expose the crappier guys in the bullpen. If the starter stays to the 8th, and then you get the closer, that sucks. Chase him with a high pitch count by the 4th or 5th, and you're getting way crappier guys to hit off of, and better chance to win.

Again, boring to watch sometimes, but also exactly what they should be doing. When BOTH teams do it, it does take a while, though. Without it, you don't get things like the epic at-bat by Kevin Millar in 2004 ALCS, though, which led to a walk eventually, which led to the Dave Roberts steal, the huge comeback, and the 2004 World Series win.

Hell, that's how Youkilis was featured in MoneyBall as the Greek God of Walks (not Greek), right?

Has the attention span gone down so far that if you don't see a HR on the first pitch, you should just weakly ground out and get it over with so someone else can try for a HR?

When the pitchers are on fire, it's gonna be a short game no matter what. if both offenses are good, and work the pitchcounts, it's gonna be longer. No shit that pitching to 30 guys a game is faster than if 55 guys get an at-bat...

NL games are usually shorter anyway, as you've got (generally) some of the better pitchers, and weaker (on average) lineups. And you've got basically automatic outs in the pitcher spot every time through the order. That's a couple times a game that it's a quick out either through crappy hitting or an intentional sac bunt on the first or second pitch. not a shocker that it takes longer to get David Ortiz out 3 times than it does to get Cain out when he's holding a bat...
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