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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012's predictions for the best pilots.

But take it with a shaker of salt - they didn't do so well last year. But at least they're being forthright about it rather than trying to hide the evidence. Last year's predictions.

Their enthusiasm for Alcatraz and Playboy Club are embarrassing, sure, but they get a gold star for this comment about The River: "There's a reason horror hasn't worked on TV, and it's usually because it's simply not that good."

Awake (aka REM) is the one show that really stands out as being exactly what I thought (hoped) it would be: a twisty mind-frak that is probably too smart for broadcast.

(I've been hunting around for last years' predictions. I think a lot of sites take their predictions down, those sneaky dogs. )

And as a bonus: pie charts!

The genre chart is really interesting. ABC has become sf/f + soaps; FOX is (unwisely in my view) loading up on cop shows, CBS style. NBC is all over the map (maybe not a bad idea; you could also say that AMC is all over the map, genre-wise.)

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