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Re: 53 Reasons Why We Need a New Star Trek TV Series

8. This is probably the biggest hurdle the people at CBS (who own Star Trek property) have. They don't want to over saturate the market with Star Trek episodes and ruin their tent-pole film franchise. There is a way for both properties to coexist. Make them completely different stories. Get creative and have the TV show set 500 years in the future or the past. Although, be better than the lackluster Enterprise.
I realize it's a joke list, but I just have to point out that 500 years in the past from the first Star Trek film would be rougly 1758. Not sure how someone would sell a Star Trek franchise show set in the mid-18th century.

Unless we're talking about the immortal Flint and his adventures (IN SPPPAAAAAAAAACE) after he dropped his Leonardo Da Vinci identity.
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