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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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I like the 3d animation and the sparseness of GL should be mitigated by the roof tops and darkness of Batman.
Like GL, "Beware's" CG looks positively AWFUL for a modern TV series, and it has nothing to do with the art design (i.e. character environment design, color palette).

It's the material shaders, or what a layman would ID as "the lighting," though its far more than the brightness of a scene.

Nine times out of 10, the thing that betrays any CG model or background is the shadows and lighting, not actually the density or shape of the mesh. Physical models had/have to deal with this same issue. Scale, believe it or not, is more dependent on lighting rather than fidelity. This is one of the reasons that Jefferies supported the clean lines for the 1701, because any large aircraft or ship loses its details from a distance, but the way it reflects light from the sun and water is entirely different from how a scale, ultra-detailed model does.

In theater, light and shadow play an integral part in terms of mood, theme, and even to establish key info (i.e. blue lighting is a traditional stage short hand for " night", which was abused to death in the heyday of "day-for-night" shots in film.) Proper light and lighting allows an audience to accept a bunch of people and cardboard sets as a night scene in the country, because the lighting lets the brain accept the lack of fidelity because it "feels" right in terms of contrast.

In things like animation and static art, lighting is even more key as it must now communicate physical information from a 2D image, in additional to narrative information. Now, the trick in this realm is not how much info you need to communicate, but what information. On a piece of paper, try to draw a box in shadow with as few pen strokes as possible, and you'll know what I'm talking about.

While the character and set design are clearly from the same people who made B:TAS, S:TAS:, Beyond, Static Shock, and JL/U, the lighting actually makes it look less immerse because of how washed out and blurry things are all the time in GL and Beware. It's hard to explain without visuals, but my art energies are tied up in a comic project, so I can only describe the issue. :/
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