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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Batman: Good issue, the "Night of Owls" thing is picking up now which is cool, and I liked the "call to the Batfamily." Though I didn't like the art change about mid-way through when Bruce puts on the prototype Iron Man suit from the movie, that seemed out of nowhere. The art there seemed a touch rougher.

But the story -for me- has picked back up. I likely won't pick-up the other Bat-books to read the whole Night of Owls arc (probably will if it goes to a trade) but it looks interesting.

Catwoman: This book is losing steam for me, mostly because of the art change which I really don't care-for (more particular the coloring of it.)

On the "Night of the Owls" thing, it looks like it's going to span all of the Batman titles which I creates a continuity blackhole in my head as I'm not sure how all of the Bat-books overlap one another, especially since at times they seem to contradict one another.
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