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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

I have not read Children's Crusade. I'm aware of Logan's past views on children in the field and yes I was one of the people who felt that the reasons for the Schism were extremely forced and a little convoluted. Especially after all the trouble Marvel went to building Utopia and uniting the mutants under Scott's leadership as well. I still enjoyed it and was very impressed with Aaron's writing and am very much enjoying Wolverine and the X-Men. Is it forced? Sure. Does there appear to be a lack of coordination between the books and the event it's self? Oh yeah. This always happens and is a major pet peeve of mine. Logan's point though in Schism was that Scott has changed, and not for the better. He's become the General and nothing else. The events of M-Day basically hardened him. As Turtletrekker pointed out earlier there are a lot of "villains" and people being portrayed in poor lights in this series. This though as I keep repeating is the culmination of several years worth of stories. Shit's finally going down.
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