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Re: The TNG Quiz

Lwaxana Troi (Recurring)
Deanna Troi (EaF to ST:Nemesis)
Kestra Troi (Dark Page)
Ian Andrew Troi, II (The Child)
Devinoni Ral (The Price)
Tam Elbrum (Tin Man)
Reittan Grax (Ménage à Troi)
Sabin Genestra (The Drumhead)
Andrus Hagan (Night Terrors)
Walter Pierce (Eye of the Beholder)
It keeps Carol Anne very close to it and away from the spectral light. It lies to her. It says things only a child can understand. It has been using her to restrain the others.
To her it simply is another child. To us it is the beast.
Now let's go get your daughter.

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