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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

UPS once again misplaced one of my LCS's boxes this week, so I won't be able to read Defenders 5 until it arrives.

Avengers 25-- Wow. This issue was worth it for the Walt Simonson art alone. As Simonson is one of my ATF favorite Marvel artists, and I consider his Thor run to be genuinely EPIC, I had an absolute nerdgasm when Thor arrived as drawn by Simonson in this issue.

As with New Avengers 24, the connection to AvX here is tenuous as the main part of the story deals with the Avengers doing clean-up from the Osborn arc. The final page, however, promises some intrigue involving AvX as one Avenger receives an agenda that will soon put him at odds with his team-mates.

Punisher 10-- the "Omega Effect" crossover continues to impress as our heroes lure all of the bad-guys out into the open in pursuit of the Omega Drive.

Wolverine and the X-Men 9-- This AvX crossover deals more directly with the AvX story as we see Cap coming to the Jean Grey school to recruit Logan and Beast for the Phoenix mission and Logan pondering what it means to go up against his former teammates. An OK chapter of the AvX saga, but nothing spectacular.

AvX 2-- Yet to be impressed with this event. The road getting here was filled with so many contrived occurances and OOC behavior (especially on the X-side) that the characters have been near unrecognizable, and such continues in the 2nd issue of the event. Who is a bigger jerk-- Cyclops for his tunnel-vision regarding Hope? Cap for his home invasion (the only word for it) of Utopia based on Wolverine's word alone? Or Wolverine, for his obvious bias against Cyclops that clouds his own judgement and decisions? I find it hard to root for anyone here except Hope, who was the only one smart enough to bail on these idiots and take off on her own.

The disconnect with Storm contiues as she questions T'Challa as to why he didn't warn her about this when she was there when they were planning it! WTF? A little coordination here, please. I really hope this title improves soon.
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