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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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MUCH better than McKenzie's "young Batman" though, thankfully.
I thought McKenzie's version of Batman in the Year One movie worked very well for that particular version of Batman, an aloof, forbidding, half-crazy vigilante. He sounded edgy and dangerous and cold, and reminded me vocally of a cross between Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson of Person of Interest (the show from The Dark Knight screenwriter Jonathan Nolan). He wouldn't have been a good choice for something where Batman is the figure of audience identification, but in Year One, Gordon is the hero and Batman is more of a remote, mysterious figure, so the more off-putting vocal performance works.

I'm not sold on the animation or the attempt at creating new villains without having the foundation of the classic baddies around, but I'm happy to give it a shot.
The villains mentioned in connection with the show aren't original creations, but character who have been introduced in the comics in recent years and haven't been adapted for animation before. But it's been stated that BtB "won't shy away from featuring some of the more well-known Batman foes."

Oh, and I just read that Kurtwood Smith is playing Lt. James Gordon in the show. Apparently this is a Batman early in his career and still learning, a similar premise to The Batman, though there are obvious differences as well.

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Batman already got a number of great series in BTAS, Batman Beyond, Brave and the Bold, and even The Batman. I don't really see a pressing need for another one right now.

I'd much rather see a new Superman series, considering the last one was the rather generic and simplistic STAS.
Well, Batman is more popular and brings in more ratings. As always, the most pressing need for a television network is profit. Cartoon Network profits from having a Batman show on the air, but for whatever reason, they don't want any of their shows to run longer than 65 episodes, so every few years we get a new version of Batman.

Maybe if Snyder's Man of Steel is a hit, it'll create a market for a new Superman show. And Superman's already a supporting character in Young Justice, though some are unsatisfied with his characterization there.
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