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Re: DTI: Forgotten History by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I'll join the chorus and state that Forgotten History is among the Trek books I'm most anticipating this year. I am also very excited about the time frame selected for this novel as well. Christopher has stated he'd like to maybe move on to something else after this one but I still uphold my suggestion from the Watching the Clock thread that I would seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE an Uptime book starring Jenna Noi. As much as I liked Garica and the other characters, and obviously our two stars, I fell in love with Jenna Noi as a character. One of the best characters I think Chris has handled as a writer. So fascinating and I loved her banter with the DTI gang. So yeah I know I'll be holding out for the possibility of an Uptime book still
Oh yeah, I'll second this one.

It would be neat and quite difficult I'd imagine to do a Trek book from the Uptime perspective. but I'd love it.
Me too.
I can't see it working as anything other than a Myriad Universes adventure, due to the ever-changing futures we've seen in Trek over the years. IIRC, in "Watching the Clock", there was doubt as to whether the 29th century and 31st century time cops represented different points along the same future, or two divergent ones.
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