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Re: hi ho Silver, The Lone Ranger rides on....

I just saw Armie in J Edgar (weird movie, just depressing really ) and he's a very good actor. Looking forward to TLR more than ever!

TLR offers a "twist on the classic tropes and stereotypes of old west films," huh? I'm more certain than ever that Tonto will be a sage and sardonic mentor to the greenhorn Lone Ranger. That approach defuses all possible PC objections (except for those who insist on being offended, and there's no hope to mollify that sort.)

The best thing about that is that it guarantees Depp can't default to one of his two tired schitcks: prissy weirdo or drunken lunatic. In a sense, he'd be playing the straight man this time around, and the Lone Ranger will be more the comedic character.
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