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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

First of all i want to apologise to C.E. Evans for slamming him like that in my posts. I was looking through my postings and i have realized that i was a jerk to him . My sincere apologies to him. We do need a future star trek series that is a mixture of both light and dark as C.E. Evans suggested .

I will concentrate on developing darker themed episodes instead of a darker themed series. I do have more ideas for darker themed episodes and as well as lighter moralistic ones.

1) A starfleet ship (defiant class) responds to the distress beacon of starfleet origins. They rescue a single crewman from a lifepod from a starfleet research vessel (nova class). The crewman informs them that their ship had encountered a borg tactical sphere and in the ensuring fight, the borg had assaulted and boarded the ship. The crewman was the sole survivor as the rest of the crew either died or got assimilated. But further investigations later in the episode reveal that the crewman had actually abandoned his fellow crew members to their fate while they were fighting off the borg drones and he had escaped in the lifepod before the fight was even over. Hence he is a deserter, as he left his crewmates to their fates.

(issue of neglecting one's duty to fellow shipmates,very unstarfleet )

2) A borg cube is encountered in the Alpha Quadrant and using Captain Janeway technology from the future (as seen in the Voyager series finale) the federation, romulans and klingons fleets combine together and manage to disable and board the cube. In the fierce fighting they manage to overpower the borg drones, either killing them or capturing them. Using the same technology that was used to recover seven of nine from the collective and restore her individualism, the alpha quadrants powers restore thousands of captured drones to their individualism. These ex borg drones come from many different species and are from the alpha,beta,gamma and delta quadrants. In some cases the restored individuals are the only surviouring members of their race left as their entire race was either assimilated or died off. Some liberated drones find it hard to adjust to their new found freedom. there are cases of suicides and violence breaking out as many ex drones simpily cannot cope with their individualism.

(an enslaved people getting their freedom but finding it hard to adjust to it)

3) A remote Starfleet long range exploration starship in the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant encounters a very ancient looking large ship derelict in space drifting aimlessly. the crew board the ship and discover an abandoned ship. To their surprise, when they try to turn on some of the systems to better understand where the ship came from, they find a borg signal. but the vessel is not a sphere or a cube or looks like anything from the borg collective. it is of a conventional ship design. Further into the episode, as they acesses the ship's computer files, they discover very shocking details. This ship belonged to species 1. The species from which the borg came from originally .

(finally we get to know about the origins of the borg in a canon star trek show)

4) A human starfleet member complains about his daily life to his crewmates, like having to work with folks he dislikes in his department, his overbearing department head and his personnel dislike of Bolians who happen to serve in signficant numbers onboard the ship he is on. His prejudices against Bolians comes from several encounters with them (culture clash & different mannerisms). One day, his ship (defiant class) is back on earth for home visits and he beams back to his hometown which is in the american south. Unfortunately the same accident that caused sisko,bashir and daz to travel back in time in DS9 season 3 while beaming from the defiant to earth also affects him, and he is left stranded in the mid 19th century earth. The crewmember is either of african,hispanic or native american background (depending on what the writers wants). He happened to be beamed to the old south where he encounters prejudices as he is not white. Finally the Defiant class starship crew with help from Miles O'brien who is now a instructor at starfleet academy (special guest appearance by Mr Colm Meany) ,they help to bring back the temporaly displaced crewmember. The now changed crewmember learns that prejudices are not good to have and he is now more tolerant of bolians after that incident.

(an episode about prejudices)

5) a new starfleet academy graduate joins a starfleet ship. Many folks are wary of him as he is a Nausicaan but to the surprise of many, he is quite mild mannered and eager to please even though a little tempermental at times.

(stereotyping an enitre race based on a some bad apples is not a good thing)

6) a non federation race that requires aliens from outside their planets to convert to their belief system if you want to live on their planet for whatever reason. A federation citizen and his family stays on that planet for business reason He is then caught performing a ritual from his native belief system, even thought he had officially converted to that planet belief system. he is charged, found guilty and he is to be put to death. The federation intervenes in this matter.

(it is a prime directive issue regarding a federation citzen on a non federation planet and how far will the federation be willing to go for it's citizens rights like perhaps mounting a rescue thus increasing chances for hostilies to break out)
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