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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Plus Daniel Stahl has mentioned once that only around 20 percent of the players of STO are actively playing the KDF faction. If this is true, I doubt they are very eager to create any massive updates to the KDF.
I do hope that I am wrong, because I think playing Klingon(s) is a lot of fun..and cool
Although I only play the Klingon faction (I've invested too much into my character to create a new one), the 20% number wouldn't surprise me. There's not a lot of content, so why would people actively play their KDF characters? Not creating new content based upon those numbers is purely circular reasoning. I hope it's not true.

(Then again, my transwarp capabilities STILL don't work for the KDF player beyond level 2, even though I should have them at level 4, so I don't expect a lot from the devs at this point.)
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