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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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I've no idea what's led CBS to think any more than a few hundred people will be interested in this, especially with the ticket prices and Shamasters bad reputation amongst UK Trek fans and other organisers. It's all really strange. It will do CBS more damage if they film this event and it's two thirds empty.
I think you're very mistaken. The passion of Star Trek fans for an event like this is very high, and ticket sales so far are exceeding expectations so far according to Media 10 - not Jason Joiner and so called 'Shamasters' as you call them. Or would you accuse a separate company to be liars by association?

CBS have attended and worked with Showmasters before, so they clearly have an idea of how they work and how the events have run. If there were issues that couldn't be ironed out and fixed, then do you genuinely think CBS would get involved? They must be aware of Warp 10 and whatever else, and yet the people that have actually worked close with them seem to be happy. Strange?

You simply are not willing to give credit where it's due. If Expo do well, you'll find a reason to moan. If GSITG do well, no doubt you'll find something to pick apart about them too. And Showmasters? Well they could put on the best Star Trek event the UK has ever seen, and you would not even acknowledge it. We all know what you're like.

I know nothing will ever change your mind about any convention organiser, as everyone has failed over the past decade. You don't listen to anyone else, and you're more than happy to spend every waking moment bitching to your heart's content. I just think it's an absolute disgrace that there are hard working convention organisers out there - and I'm talking about ALL the main ones - and you want to ruin them all. Perhaps one day you'll look in the mirror and realise something closer to home needs to be fixed.

I just hope no one listens to you or else they would never go to any convention ever again.
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