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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Shattered Mirror (**)

The mirror universe is disappointingly narrow in scope. There's an entire parallel universe filled with doppelgängers of almost everyone in existence and all you have to do to get there is rub some techno-magic device across a transporter panel... and yet all its used for is cartoonish stories about rebels fighting an empire. Okay, that's not all it's used for, this episode does attempt some emotional stuff about a son meeting his μmother, but that still takes a back seat to the action. Could you imagine the repercussions of discovering such a universe? How would you feel knowing that there's another you out there doing evil things in your name? How would the religious deal with knowing that God apparently has two plans? What about those in the μniverse that would seek refuge in the prime universe? We can only guess about these outcomes because the writers aren't interested in addressing them.

Shattered Mirror's main plot is weird. The rebels apparently have the ability to capture Terok Nor and build an advanced warship, but they still need Sisko so they sorta kidnap his son and lazily convince Sisko to help them. What about the Federation's policy of non-interference? Doesn't matter so much to Sisko, apparently. How are the characters in the prime universe reacting to Sisko being stuck in the μniverse for four days? Did they attempt to mount a rescue? We don't know because apparently that's not important. In fact, Sisko is having so much fun in the μniverse that he decides to stay and help the rebels even when he's allowed to go home. I could understand Sisko's personal reasons for wanting to save μJennifer in Through the Looking Glass, but here he just goes along with the rebels because he hasn't had a chance to blow anything up recently.

The episode isn't exactly bad, it moves along at a swift enough pace. The visual effects for this episode are great, it was a lot of fun to watch those ships dance around the station's rings and pylons. It's just a pity that the battle doesn't matter a damn in the prime universe, I would have preferred that they used the budget spent on this episode on something with the Dominion.
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