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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

110. Picture This: (✩✩½) - TV - A grounded teenage girl tells her dad that she's going to a friend's house to study but sneaks off to go to a party. Her dad calls her cell phone every half-hour to check up on her and if he finds out what she's really up to, it could mean not going away to college. Ashley Tisdale and Kevin Pollack star. Typical teenie fare, but it's watchable.

111. Hall Pass: (✩✩✩) - DVD - Owen Wilson and his buddy are having marriage troubles and end up getting free passes to spend the week with other women in order to get it out of their system. Hilarity ensues. It's very predictable, but I'm giving it an extra half-star (up from 2.5) because it has a good twist or two.

112. Field of Dreams: (✩✩✩½) - TV - Finally saw this iconic piece. Good watch. Now I know what it's all about. It was a little better than I expected.

113. Thirst: (✩✩½) - TV - Four young 20-somethings ran their jeep into a ravine in the desert and now they're stuck without water. Lacey Chabert stars. It had some of my sttention at least.

114. Saint John of Las Vegas: (✩✩✩) - DVD - John, an ex gambler, is now an insurance adjuster, but temptation takes hold again when he's sent on an insurance case just outside of Las Vegas. Steve Buscemi stars. I like the setting and it's got some dry humor, but it's not that great.

115. Shame: (✩✩✩½) - On Demand - Michael Fassbender stars as a sex addict who has to deal with his visiting sister. I liked that the movie doesn't moralize with the message that "sex is bad and will get you into trouble", but it doesn't have any real impact, tended to be slow and plodding in spots and the dark mood seemed a bit forced. I'm surprised that it scored highly with critics. It's not bad, just overrated if you ask me.

116. The Men Who Stare at Goats: (✩✩½) - DVD - A man (Ewan McGreggor) takes on a job as a reporter and finds his big story... The U.S. military's attempt to develop psychic warfare, and his guide is a Jedi Warrior with super awesome powers (George Clooney). This one has the same dry humor as Burn After Reading, but it's pretty boring and not as clever. I did like that Clooney's character would grandstand with confidence in his powers, yet we never saw much of anything though.

Theatre: 4
DVD/Blu-Ray: 39
TV: 55
On Demand: 17
Internet: 1
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