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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Action Comics #2 to #8: Finally caught up. Lex Luthor comes off as an egomaniac and a very dehumanizing figure. It's one of the best written versions of the character I've seen to date. I also liked the side story with the Kents not being able to have a child. Other than that, I haven't been too impressed with this run. I liked the beginning with Superman in a tee shirt and cape, just new on the scene, but that was rushed to a conclusion with a clichéd battle with Brainiac. Oh, and what happens if he needs a replacement costume? I preferred it when he wore regular spandex that got torn and had to be replaced every now and then. And one other question... What does blue kryptonite do? They said it's the most lethal. Anyway, I'd be done with this title, but I might pick up the next issue. I'm curious about this "President Superman" business.

Batman: The Dark Knight #6 and #7: Story was losing me a bit, but I'm intrigued by this White Rabbit, so I'll soldier on for now. Once they wrap it up, I plan to drop this title.

Justice League #6: I finished up the first arc and I'm done. I'm all for humanizing characters, but this bunch is a little too rowdy for my tastes. My intention was to just sample most of these titles anyway.

Saucer Country #1: The governor of New Mexico has announced her run for the presidency, but there's one problem... She's confessed to her aides that she was abducted by aliens. It's a fascinating read, so I'll keep up with it to see where it goes.

Supergirl #5 to #7: Finished the first arc. I was planning to give up on the title, but I like Supergirl and want to see how she develops. Hope they keep those clichéd battles to a minimum and give us some real story. By the way, I thought the blue sun might depower her, but she still managed to take off and leave Argo City.

Wonder Woman #5 to #7: I like Wonder Woman, but the story is losing me and the art isn't the best. I'm still holding on though, especially since the hook with the amazon males captured my interest. Those women on Paradise Island aren't particularly nice or peaceful are they... Raiding ships, getting themselves pregnant, doing away with the men and abandoning the baby boys. None the less, it's an interesting deconstruction of Wonder Woman lore.

What I plan to get this week...

Birds of Prey #8
Supergirl #8
Wonder Woman #8

Non DC title...

The Shadow #1

Titles I would have gotten but dropped...

Justice League
Red Hood and the Outlaws
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