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The new Thor vs Iron Man clip was pretty cool.

Although once again I have to wonder how Tony can survive being knocked around like that. It's not like there's a whole lot of cushioning in that suit.
It's also interesting how Thor's lightning "overcharges" the suit... If the suit only has x-power capacity that's it. "Overcharging it" would cause the suit to blow up (electrically) not somehow find a place to put all of that extra energy?

It's still a fun clip, though and shows sort of what I said above in my speculative "plot summary" of the various egos and back-grounds of the characters clashing. (Particularly Tony's billionaire playboy egomania clashing with Thor's, well, godhood and everything. (Though the end of the movie suggests he'd gotten over himself a bit, hence why he got the power of Mjölnir back.)
If I was going for a Noprize, I'd say that the armour has capacitors throughout that charge individually depending what he's doing - if he's about to fire the left glove, that one charges. The ARC generator wouldn't have the output to charge all the capacitors simultaneously.

Meanwhile, if I were building armour with some kind of fancy repulser tech built in, I'd have multiple layers separated by micro-repulsers; the repulsers would dampen any physical shock.

There you go. Nocharge.
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