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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Problem is, they underestimate the work that needs to be done, as well. They announced Into the Hive (and Children of Khan for that matter) way back when the other 4 STFs were released originally.
They really should learn not to announce things until they are done.
Children of Khan...that sounds interesting
I take it that was supposed to be something related to the augments? I agree with you that they should not announce anything until they are sure they can manage it.

Season 6 is upon us, targeted for June, with supposedly a ton of new content.
I am willing to bet they won't make it in June and they won't put half the content into it's release... The 2800 was supposed to cone out with season 4...
I love the game, but please Cryptic, don't keep making promises you can't keep...
Who knows, maybe they but the 2800 back to the game, as part of the season 6 package.
I hope we will get those starbases for the fleets that they have been talking about. And I think there is meant to be some missions for the fleets to build/equip them(or something like that).
I would personally like to have some sort of "capture starbase" groud PvP/PvE map, Klingons vs. Federation naturally. Maybe as an extension to the Starbase 24.
Some other non-Borg STFs would be nice, too.
They could also use the foundry to create new missions or have a competition, where the winner would get his/hers mission officially published to the game.

Then there is naturally the eternal problem of the lack of (new) and original content to the KDF faction. I hope there will be some improvements to that with season 6.
We could use more missions, costume + ship options/packs...and maybe some STFs totally unique to the KDF side. That is a lot to ask, I know.
Plus Daniel Stahl has mentioned once that only around 20 percent of the players of STO are actively playing the KDF faction. If this is true, I doubt they are very eager to create any massive updates to the KDF.
I do hope that I am wrong, because I think playing Klingon(s) is a lot of fun..and cool
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