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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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Having a different interpretation of the character than her author isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Sure, but if the author actually describes the character physically and I just go ahead and gloss over that, that might be seen as lazy by some.

That said, I went back to Harbinger real quick, and found this:

She swept her straight, long auburn hair from her eyes.
T’Prynn’s hand shot forward and grasped a fistful of Sandesjo’s auburn hair.
This might help carry my Raymund association a bit, since she sometimes had (fairly dark, admittedly) auburn-ish hair on Good Wife. For example:

Unlike Heigl, who is usually seen with blonde hair.

Edit: You gotta admit, she fits the Klingon mold: - of course that might be cause to call it a bad disguise .

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