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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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(Takes a bow)

Okay...I actually don't deserve credit for this next one--it's by my buddy Admiral_Ranor. do you all feel about Denzel Washington (with a moustache, of course) as Ben Zoma, Picard's XO on the Stargazer?
You know, I've never read a Stargazer novel, and the only stories featuring Gilaad Ben Zoma I've ever read were "What Dreams May Come" (from Tales of the Dominion War) and Part I of The Buried Age. I don't recall seeing a description of him in either one, but I honestly just assumed that he was an Israeli and probably looked Middle Eastern.

Of course, it occurs to me that between cultures mixing, increased immigration, and the presence of groups like Beta Israel, it's entirely plausible to have an African American playing an Israeli.

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^Wow, that's quite different from Dave Mack's model for the character, Katherine Heigl.
I feared something like that. To be honest, I'm a horrible fit for a casting thread, but I figured maybe I'd get lucky. Beyond gender, age and maybe pose/stature physical descriptions mostly don't register with me while reading, and then I sort of automatically make up my own mental image by matching up on attitude and preconceived patterns. Even knowing the above, my mental Sandesjo will continue to look like Raymund.
Having a different interpretation of the character than her author isn't necessarily a bad thing.
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