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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

In defense of Cryptic, I'ld say that players often misjudge the amount of work required to bring a mission to the live servers. Something like the Friday the 13th "Hearts and Minds" episode probably took at least a man-month's work. Adding a new STF is going to take at least half a man-year's worth of work.

I know so because I have tried to create my own web-based space game in the past. Its no longer being developed, but you can still login to the test game via a google account at . As a reference, it took me 3 years to get the game to the stage it was when I abandoned it. The time is inclusive of writing the game design docs, creation of art assets, programming, developing processes and a whole lot more. For instance, it took me over half a year to develop a process to create planets that looks satisfactory. It took another 3 months to churn out a set of 30 planets, consisting of each image in various sizes (to simulate distance) and at various rotation angles.

These things takes time, as dstahl have eluded in a recent post:

In defense of the kind soul who spent their own personal time making this mission quite some time ago but was asked if they would hold of publishing it so we use it for a fun little Friday the 13th event - that person doesn't deserve the crap laid on them by this thread.

Since F2P launched we have seen one of the most intense 5 week Feature Episode series, a new fully produced KDF episode, a remade KDF Fleet Action, an updated FED/KDF Fleet Action, a Star Trek themed Holiday accompanied by a sale, entirely new worldwide missions on Defera, a fun little friday the 13th episode, and next week you are getting a level 51 shuttle 5 man mission.

On top of that Season 6 is under heavy development which will bring a new Defera like ground invasion, several new 5 man events, new 20 man Fleet events that take place at your starbase, along with starbase construction missions, the start of the PVP overhaul, new Foundry content and anything else like tonight's episode that someone on the team wants to spend their own after hours time making.

So while I can understand the frustration of the last year, since we launched F2P, it has been a lot more content and a lot more on the way.

I can appreciate skepticism, but the hate dumped on an employee who made something fun for everyone to do on Friday the 13th is a bit much.

p.s. lock boxes and rewards in them don't take "mission" resources - they take systems and costume resources (some of which can even be outsourced). Software and Content teams are doing nothing but making new game features and mission content every day = i.e. Season 6
They just released F2P three months ago and changed executive producers. I'm sure they are very aware that long time subscribers are sick of the current set of STFs and new f2p players are starting to be too familiar with STFs. Cryptic want to release new STFs too and I remember reading someone in Cryptic saying that they're trying to push out "Into The Hive" STF as soon as they can.

Give them time.
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