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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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Hopefully, people will realise that using the “manual control” switch is as bad as DUI, and its use will be banned except under extreme circumstances.
Doubtful, considering old/low-end cars still wouldn't have those features installed for several years. More importantly, the early auto-drive systems probably wouldn't be appropriate for all situations anyway and would first be used for highway driving. Once more advanced designs come out that can be used for urban driving they might consider banning manual drive, but the need for a manual backup system would probably forestall that.

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OR you could just install a "manual control" switch in a self-driving car.
OR just forget self-driving cars and even cars with drive-by-wire controls altogether, and just go back to using proper direct cable and hydraulic links behind the controls, that aren't filtered by some stupid electronic eco-nanny?
Suppose you're right... suppose that the automobile reached its universally perfect form in 1994 and that nothing that came before or after it is "proper." Suppose that most drivers secretly yearn for exactly the kind of car YOU would like to drive. In fact, let's take that a step farther and assume that you know more about cars -- and about what people want in their cars -- than anyone else in the world.

What in the hell does any of that have to do with placing a car under computer control?????
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