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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Wrath of the Titans 3D - free admission
Jiro Dreams of Sushi - free admission
The Raid: Redemption - free admission
The Incredible Hulk Returns - DVD
Titanic 3D - free admission
The Hunger Games - free admission
Mirror, Mirror - free admission
American Reunion - free admission
Justice League: Doom - DVD
W. - DVD
Night of the Running Man - Netflix Instant
The Trial of the Incredible Hulk - DVD
The Hunter - free admission
An Education - DVD
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two - DVD
The Prophecy - DVD
Them Idiots Whirled Tour - DVD
The Prophecy II - DVD
Cabin in the Woods - free admission
Juan of the Dead - free admission
Lockout - free admission

I seriously haven't watched a new movie since Saturday?!?

Anyway, went to see Lockout last night after work...and it sucked hardcore donkey dick. Terrible fuckin' movie...

Set in the year 2079, a CIA operative (Guy Pierce) is arrested & convicted for murder & sentenced to a cryogenic prison in orbit above Earth. At the same time, the president's daugther (Maggie Grace) is visitin' the prison to investigate humanitarian concerns about the inmates. A Secret Service bodyguard named Hawk smuggles a weapon into the interrogation room, and, predictably, all hell breaks loose.

When the first daughter is taken hostage, the CIA operative is charged with the task to rescue her in exchange for a pardon.

Not a good movie, at all. The one chase scene looks like a fuckin' video game, its so heavy in CGI, which is bad since the hero is on a one-wheel motorcycle of the future and ya can tell he's fake. He smokes, and every time he lights up, I was reminded of that scene in Thank You for Smoking. Once on the station, everything goes as ya would expect it to...which is just bad moviemakin'. The credits insist its based on an original story from Luc Besson, but there's nothin' original about it. All tired cliches & bad actin', no twists ya can't see comin', ever.

Next up, I'll be checkin' out Bully tomorrow before work, and I'm on the list for the Get the Gringo event here in Austin, with Mel Gibson in attendance for a Q&A.

And I have passes for a free screenin' of Pirates! Band of Misfits on Saturday, if I'm off from work...
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