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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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Has anybody ever come up with someone for Jasminder Choudhury? She's one of the few characters I don't have anyone picked for in my cast lists I put together.
Dave Mack favors Rekha Sharma for the role, but I envision her as more statuesque. My mental image of her is based on a woman from real life who helped me through a rough patch some years back. There's an actress named Janina Gavankar who looks somewhat like my image of the character, though she's a bit younger and shorter than I'd prefer.

Actually, come to think of it, there is one actress who fits my image of Choudhury very closely, and that's Marjean Holden (who played an enlisted crewperson in DS9: "Empok Nor" as well as having starring roles in Crusade and BeastMaster: The Series). She's not quite right for it because she's African-American rather than South Asian, but now that I think about it, I think she looks ethnically vague enough that she could maybe pass for Indian, or at least part-Indian -- who knows, it's quite possible that Choudhury could be of multiracial ancestry. Also she's a stuntwoman and martial artist, so she'd be physically suited for the role. The downside is that I've always found her kind of a mediocre actress.
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