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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

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Darker? Please no, thanks. I would not want to watch that. One of the reasons I (and I think many other fans) like Star Trek is that it always presented a more or less hopefull and positive view of the future. Trek already has some scenes / episodes / movies where it went dark enough. I donīt think making a whole "dark" series to a great extent would be wise. For what itīs worth...I always saw ENT as already beeing "darker".
The world is a far darker place now, my friend. Star Trek was born in the idealism of the 1960s. Now we live in a far darker age. BSG was the last successful true sci fi show on tv and it was dark. Maybe a dark and exciting new star trek show is needed nowdays.
No it isn't. We need to get out from under all this "dark and gritty" bullshit.

And the idea that New Galactica was "true sci-f"i is not only laughable, it's absurd. Not to mention false. It was a over-rated soap opera that was trying (and failing) to be sci-fi. For another Star Trek show to work, it can't be "dark and gritty" because then it wouldn't be Star Trek. It would be a bastardization of Star Trek similar to the way Ron Moore destroyed the Galactica concept.
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