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Re: Star Trek Imponderables #1 - continuity errors video

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* The galactic boundary thing is kind of strangely depicted in Star Trek. In one case, it's the edge of the galaxy and in another it's the center?
At the office and can't access YouTube, so I don't know what was presented in the clip. But someone suggested something years ago about the galactic barrier business to reconcile its location. Rather than a spherical or a convex lens shaped "shell" of energy, it follows a pattern not unlike the lines of magnetic force around a planetary body. It's a "torus" or "doughnut" shaped. Thus, from the position of the spiral arms, if you head "out" of the galaxy, ZAP, you hit it. If you try to head "in" toward the core of the galaxy, ZAP, you hit it again.

Yeah, there are a lOT of other plotholes to patch, but I must admit I never considered that arrangement for the "barrier", but I kinda' like the alignment.


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