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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Arex. Lieutenant Arex
B is for BEM
C is for Caitian
D is for the Delta Triangle. Where starships disappear.
E is for the Enterprise herself
F is for Federation
G is for the Glommer. Mmmmm!....Tribbles Yumm!
H is for Hal Sutherland, director.
I is for Infinite Vulcan
J is for the Joker, an episode of TAS
K is for Klothos, IKS
L is for Lieutenant M'Ress. Meow!
M is for the Magicks of Megas-Tu
N is for Nichelle Nichols, who voiced a couple of characters
O is for Orion Pirates
P is for Phylosians
Q is for the Questar system.
R is for Robot Grain Ships
S is for The Slaver Weapon
T is for The Time Trap
U is for the USS Bonaventure
V is for Vulcan, seen in "Yesteryear"
W is for water-planet seen in "The Ambergris Element"
X is for the last letter in Lt Arex's name. I got nothin.
Y is for Yesteryear
Z is for zoo. Kirk and company were imprisoned in one by giant Lactran slug creatures that were telepathic. End of Line.
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