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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Agree that a change to how you queue up would be beneficial, but still think this is all avoiding the real problem.

The problem ISN'T that these things are too easy. Anyone without enough experience still gets slaughtered and frustrated. Problem is that thousands of people have played these missions hundreds of times each. We've mastered them, for the most part. It's not a problem of Pure DPS being the exploit, it's that people have run these so many times (and because of drop rate, have to KEEP grinding them), so they've figured out the easiest way to get through one as fast as possible.

the game didn't get easier, it's just it's mostly populated with experts. They used to be hard, but after you've run KASE 100 times, is there really anything left to challenge you? CSE and CGE were almost impossible for most people when they kicked the new STFs off. think back now, when was the last time you even FAILED one of those (excepting when you decided to go with a PUG team, or just got a 'tard in your group that wouldn't listen. Or a AFKer, I guess)? I stopped doing the Cure missions for a while because they were too hard, but between weapon loadout and having the strategy perfected, can't even remember the last time I failed it, now.

Tweaking the rules isn't going to change much. it'll be hard for a little while, but because we have to grind these out, someone will figure out the new optimal setup, or the exploit that was missed, and they'll be in the same boat.

It's time to admit that these have been completely used up, accept them for what they are, and make a NEW set to work on. Otherwise, this'll just eventually snowball to the point where it's all 1-shot enemies and you have 45 seconds to finish the mission before failure just so people can't beat it "easily" anymore.

they've already been cut down from "fun" to "grind", don't make them suck to the point where people just quit. I'm already close on one character. I've got the Borg Deflector/Engine and the MACO XII shield, so that's the optimum at the moment, no reason to keep trying to grind XII other than to complete the set. Which I keep trying for, but even when I get the other pieces, not sure that I'm gonna use them. Until after they tweak the set bonuses for the 10th time and make them more useful again...
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