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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

well i hate shamasters too im afraid. Mostly because of the little nazis they have as stewards. Before the incident with one a couple of years ago there was another incident when i was going up to guest and this girl just grabbed my arm as i went past and would not let me go up to the guest. I dont know why or i cant remember. It was probably about 4 or 5 years ago now. Meanwhile the people behind me went up to guest to get autos etc. Was really pissed off with that.
There treatment of the disabled leaves a lot to be desired also. I have read more than a few complaints about how people in wheelchairs get badly treated.
Unfortunatly any complaints or bad reports on there forum does get deleted. They dont seem to like critisism.
Its a shame cause they did used to be good back when klepto was at the shopping centre in milton keynes. Maybe because it was smaller then. They seem to have got too big for their boots. Its just all about the money too them these days. The last klepto i went to was in milton keynes football stadium and i froze to death. Not to mention the guests froze as well! The weather was not too great that weekend.
The one wizard world big apple con i went to in new york was incredible in comparison. It was so much more friendlier and relaxed. The guests were easier to get to and you didnt have to pay to get into the talks!
The biggest problem with the galaxy show for me is that they picked the worst dates of the year. There are other things going on that weekend in this country which i would probably choose over it if i wasnt already going out of the country that weekend! The second problem is they picked the worst location possible. Its a four and a half hour drive away so cost of petrol doesnt make it worth it. I cant afford it anyway. Plus the extra costs to get into the talks. The main reason though is my ex lives near peterborough so no way in hell im going near that part of the country.
Probably wont go to the london one due to the costs involved. Still prefer the vegas convention.
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