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Re: My homebrew kitbashes

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I think this Galaxy idea is only improving! With each iteration, it looks even better.

If I may suggest:

1) The deflector dish area seems to screw with the visual flow of the overall design... maybe draw it into the hull halfway, so only the lower half of the dish area is visible from the side? Or else leave it sticking out but alter the lower profile of it to more cleanly transition into the lower lines of the ship? It just looks weird to me the way it is now.

2) You can really sell the scale of this thing by scaling down the actual bridge dome. If it were the same as on the Connie-refit next to it, we'd be able to just look at it and say "whoa, that's a big ship!" Right now, without the context of the other ship next to it, there's nothing to really suggest the size of this thing.

Food for thought!

I might pull the deflector back just a tad.

The bridges are supposed to be in scale with each other, and are within about 3% by my calculations...I "fixed" the scaling, but it's barely noticable. She isn't supposed to be the size of the 24th century Galaxy, she's supposed to fall in between Connies and Excelsiors.

By my calculations (using the dimensions of a Connie as reference), shes: 377m x 156.25m x 62.5m in this incarnation.
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