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Re: Holy ....! Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover coming From IDW!

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^ I wouldn't say 'excellent', October is a long way away. I was hoping it would be out before the summer.
Uhh... actually, I'd expect it to be later. The last individual issue isn't out until December.
I twigged to this too. Best to take that October date with a grain of salt. Unless it's only a 4-issue mini-series in which case the date works.

You certainly wouldn't see Assimilation released before October in any event because even if the mini-series is only 4 issues, it would still be underway. Possible they're planning to issue it in two halves as noted above. An October release date would allow IDW to capitalize on TNG's 25th anniversary.

Page count given by Amazon is 102 pages. Anyone want to do the math and see how that tallies with the average page count of IDW titles? That might be your answer right there.

And remember, Amazon has been wrong before. For years they listed a William Burroughs novel for sale, even though it had long been cancelled. If the October date is correct, we should be able to confirm via comic store solicitations almost immediately (tomorrow is new releases day, so ask your shop).

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