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Stardate 53115.8

USS Nightingale, Main Engineering

V'ras stood in the middle of engineering. He had heard the announcement from the Captain, he had felt the mix of emotions briefly pass over him. It was illogical to ignore that he had emotions, he had them and they ran deep within him. The only difference between him and the rest of the crew; is that he was able to control them.
"You heard the Captain," he shouted across the two decks of engineering, "Arm yourselves."

V'ras walked calmly over to the emergency phaser locker that was attached to the wall in the corner of the lower engineering deck, using his command code he opened it, flinging the lid downwards and grabbed the nearest phaser, placing it in his trouser holster. He made time to pass out the other three in the locker to personnel standing near him, he was the senior officer, he had a responsibility for the rest of the crew in this area. One of the people close to him was a young human crewman who had only just joined Starfleet. V'ras noted that he looked nervous. "Do not worry crewman," V'ras heard himself say, "concentrate on the job at hand and you will be fine."

The young man nodded and ran back to his station.

"Lieutenant," one of V'ras non commissioned officers spoke up to get his attention. V'ras walked over quickly looking around for the potential of intruders, "The energy beams that are typical of the Gorn transporter system are being deflected from all over the ship."

V'ras took a look at the sensor data. Something did seem to be deflecting the transport locks from across the ship; it was buying him and the rest of the crew some time. "Do you know what is doing it?"
The enlisted man shook his head.

"The debris perhaps?" V'ras quickly bringing up the scan reports, but a quick glance showed nothing unusual from the debris field.

"It looks like it's our own ship," the enlisted man replied, "But I know of nothing on the ship that could do this."

V'ras studied the dispersal pattern on the scan log. "You are correct. This ship is certainly deflecting the beam, not allowing it re-materialise the object. But how is it doing that?"

The senior crewman looked at his readings, "Our shields are up," he announced, "that should stop the beaming in anyway for a while."

V'ras cocked his head, "Its not," he pointed to a signature developing on the deck he was standing on. "They've developed a way in which to beam through shields." V'ras hit his commbadge, "Engineering to bridge, the Gorn have developed a method to beam through shields, I need a security team down in engineering, I've got an intruder materialising."

"Marines under the command of Commander Hawke and Lieutenant Commander Hans en-route Engineering."

V'ras recognised the voice of Lieutenant Shrak, her Andorian accent and way of speaking tearing through the communications channel.

V'ras noted that an energy beam was starting to develop near to the warp core, V'ras quickly thought of his next command, "All personnel take cover, intruder in engineering, near the warp core."

He quickly ducked behind a console that hid him from the intruders. There was nothing they could do; the intruder's beam in point was directly in front of the warp core giving them complete cover at from fire in almost every position. If they attempted to return fire, they risked hitting the warp core and that could destroy the whole ship. The logical move was to allow them to move away from the system and attack them then.

As the figures of ten Gorn appeared, V'ras felt a sudden rush of adrenaline run through his green blood. He felt like he could take them all on, but that was a foolish thought. Immediately the Gorn with rifles slung from the waist, started shooting at personnel who were scattered across the two decks. V'ras hoped his people had found enough cover to protect them. He noticed a couple of his people return fire. He shouted to make sure that the crewmembers knew not to fire, but a couple of more shots made it clear that they didn't understand or some didn't hear the command in the heat of battle.

V'ras' only way to ensure the safety of the ship was to erect a shield around the warp core, allowing any accidental hits to cause little or no damage. But the problem with his plan was the controls to do so were on the other side of the engineering deck. Not a path that would take him close to the Gorn intruders who had taken up defensive positions of their own, but out of cover and a tempting target.

V'ras touched the shoulder of the senior crewmember who was squatted near him, and then to the young crewmember who was next to him. "We need to erect a force field around the warp core. I can do that from over there and it would only take a few seconds, but I need you to give me covering fire."

The two men both gave a reassuring nod. As they lifted themselves up and fired their weapons; V'ras made his move, darting across the room to an exposed console. He noticed a burst of energy hit a nearby console as he tapped on the controls. A moment later, he heard the beep confirming the force field initiating. He looked around to see the blue energy field defending the vulnerable system, knowing his job was done he raced back to the cover he had just emerged from.

As V'ras got down he saw the young crewman lying on the floor. He checked his neck for a pulse but found nothing. Another flash of illogical emotion came to the front of his mind. He quickly pushed it down into the depths of his soul. He would not let anger get a hold of him, not now, not when logic was needed more than ever.

Tapping his commbadge, V'ras gave the order to fire upon the enemy contacts.

Just as V'ras was about fire his own weapon he saw another transporter beam materialise a team of ten invaders. The odds were being stacked against him and his team. He looked down at the body of the young man that lay lifeless on the deck and wondered how many of his people, how many of the crew were now dead.

The ship suddenly shook, now the Gorn had started the space battle. At least they might not be beaming on any more people.

V'ras shot at one of the Gorn aggressors, his reptilian body ducking slowly out of the way. V'ras flinched, it was a bad miss. But looking around his crew's firing was keeping their heads down.

Suddenly a tap on his shoulder was felt, it was Commander Hawke and a team of four marines. V'ras nodded.

"Situation report Lieutenant," Hawke asked as two marines took up positions behind consoles and started firing, the other two knelt close to the Commander.

"We've got twenty hostiles, they've taken defensive positions on the far side of the engineering deck, behind the warp core," V'ras turned round as a shot thundered above their heads, "I've erected a force field around the warp core, so there is no danger of a warp breech."

Hawke nodded, he looked confident, "Commander Hans has four marines and is attempting to attack them from above, is there any escape from that area of engineering?"

V'ras nodded, "A small access tube allows access from there to the corridor in sections 34 and 35."

Hawke nodded, "Marines, we'll take up positions near there, try to take them out if they should attempt a retreat."

The four marines all nodded and evacuated with Commander Hawke the way that they had entered. V'ras noted that they replaced the hatch to the Jeffries tube as they exited. V'ras took up his position again at the console and fired a few shots off, hitting one of the intruders. He suddenly noticed a blue pulse fire from the upper deck. The other marines had arrived.

V'ras watched as two of the Gorn attackers were hit and immediately fell onto the ground, looking as if they had been fatally hit. The concentration of fire had obviously startled the Gorn attackers as they moved towards the hatched that V'ras had told the executive officer about. Hawke was right about what they would do if faced with further fire power. Two of the Gorn were obviously giving cover fire to the remaining soldiers. V'ras counted them in his mind, he counted twelve escaping, two on rear guard positions.

"V'ras to Hawke, twelve should be coming to your position in moments," he noted.

"Acknowledged, we'll be ready," Hawke replied over the comms channel.

V'ras got a shot off at the last Gorn standing as he fell to the ground. The four marines and Hans quickly slid down the ladder and landed on the deck. Two of the marines checked the Gorn for signs of life, while the other two covered their escape route. V'ras thought it most logical behaviour considering the Gorn could easily double back and attack the Engineering room again. V'ras couldn't help but admire the marines and their professionalism.

V'ras engineering crew quickly re-manned their stations, but there were obvious missing personnel. V'ras looked around for who was missing; he counted seven personnel not at their stations. He knew one had died, but how many others.

"You have casualties on the upper deck Lieutenant," Hans reported.

"How many sir?" V'ras couldn't help but ask.

"At least one dead, two wounded," Hans' voice sounded like his own, V'ras thought. In light of the situation it sounded cold and unsympathetic. But to the trained ear, it was nothing more than logical, there was no room for emotions on the battlefield. "Man your station Lieutenant," Hans ordered, "we need engineering to its most optimum."

V'ras nodded and returned to his work.

The senior NCO was already looking up the damage, "Shields are already at fifty percent," he noted towards V'ras, "We've only got a couple of minutes at this rate."

V'ras nodded, "let's divert all power from the non essential systems and route them into the shields."

His senior NCO nodded and was tapping onto his console.

USS Nightingale, Bridge

Captain Wilcox sat in his chair. His thoughts were divided between the battle that was raging on deck six and the space battle that he was trying to manage on the bridge on the ship. He bit his lip making it bleed as the ship shook again from the impact of another volley from the Gorn vessel. "Helm, defensive pattern delta five, attempt to get us away from the debris field and into open space."

Chloe he noted had been able to keep a lot of the fire away from the ship, despite almost being pinned against the debris field. She was certainly as good a pilot as she had been sold to John as. Shrak he noted had also been able to show her professional aggression during combat, something that made her an excellent tactical officer.

Another shake of the ship exploded a console across the room, a crewman fell backwards. John watched as the crewman got back up, with blood on his face and returned to his station. "Lieutenant, you've got to get us out of this kill zone."

"I'm attempting to sir," Chloe replied calmly.

"Situation reports from deck six sir," Ensign Williams reported, he was manning the operations post as Torlik was nowhere to be found, "there is a fire fight in the corridor, but engineering is clear of hostiles, "There is damage to the engineering section, warp drive is affected."

Another shake and Shrak spoke up, "I've lost power to the weapons system sir. Shields are down to ten per cent."
Another explosion hit the bridge throwing sparks in all direction that confused John momentarily. "Chloe can you plot a course out of here?"

Lieutenant Visitor nodded and started to plot a course, "Got one, but it doesn't take us into Federation Space, it takes us deeper into Geckonian territory."

"Do it," Wilcox shouted as sparks flew again, emergency lighting had to be imitated and a beam fell from the ceiling a foot away from him.

Chloe did the command and reported they were now at warp six, all they could manage. Wilcox nodded gratefully at the young Lieutenant and commented on her excellent piloting skills.

"How long until the shields can be repaired?" Wilcox asked Shrak.

"No idea Sir," she responded, "I need to see what damage has been done, looks more damage than a simple power failure."

"Damn it," Wilcox shouted hitting the arm of his chair as he `sat back down, "Helm, is there anywhere to hid at the moment?"

"Yes sir," Lieutenant Visitor reported shouting immediately, "I've got the course to pass near a nebula, class 9 sir."

"Good job Lieutenant," John said.

"Lieutenant Commander Hans to bridge," the mission advisor came over the internal communications system.

"Bridge here Commander," John replied, "Report."

"We've secured deck six and eliminated the threat. I've got three Gorn prisoners," the Geckonian officer reported, but something was hesitant in his voice.

"Casualties?" John asked.

"We've got four dead in engineering, plus two in a critical condition and we have another two injuries in the defence team, one minor, one major," Hans voice seemed even more from its usual calmness.

"Is Commander Hawke there?" John asked.

"He was hit sir," Hans stated, "He is the critical casualty. Sir!"
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