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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

Having worked with Showmasters, MCM Expo, Creation and numerous other convention organisers in my 10+ years in the business, I can confirm that Admiral Bear is a troll of the highest order. Even my knowledge of The Greatest Show In The Galaxy, even though I'm not involved myself, I know people who are and they are all legit. Sadly AB is a known entity to everyone - both organisers and fans alike.

AB has had multiple usernames on the Showmasters forum, Expo forum, and even a fan-run forum Red Carpet. You can contact any organiser, or even those fans running Red Carpet, and they will have stories to tell. AB is a bitter individual, disillusioned with conventions, and he takes every shot he possibly can. In this case it is at Showmasters and Jason Joiner, but he nearly had legal problems with GSITG after causing problems for them. Also he criticises Creation and the other events too.

Sadly AB has admitted to not attending many events over the years, simply choosing to sit behind his computer and stir things up in every possible way. This twisted approach to conventions has resulted in him forcing fellow fans to turn their backs on him as he clearly has some sort of mental issue. We have been aware of his venomous behaviour for nearly a decade now, and it's highly concerning to everyone involved.

I would suggest with any event - contact the organisers if you need clarification on anything, rather than listening to a bitter, twisted trouble maker. Many convention organisers in the UK run successful events all year round. They are not perfect by a long shot, things can always be improved, and things do go wrong but they look to fix these. The example of Warp 10 may be a good one, but only taken in context - yes, a few things clearly went wrong, but Showmasters/Massive Events have also run Collectormania successfully for 18 events, London Film and Comic Con since 2004, and a good number of successful conventions too (Heroes, Twilight etc). They have simply done what any good organiser does - look at what they did wrong, and aim to improve by associating with a decent media company etc.

2012 is looking to be a fantastic year for events. GSITG is off to an amazing start with the Voyager lineup, and Star Trek London has the potential to be incredible. All convention organisers are having open dialogue with the fans and addressing concerns, and again I would suggest anyone goes direct to them rather than listening to a known troll who only exists online to stir up trouble. Look at what interests you and then make your own decision. I will certainly be attending both and enjoying them, and I hope to meet lots of new fans there too.

Red Carpet Forum (where AB was banned from on numerous occasions):

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