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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production

Ok guys. I'm now back from my much easier but yet paying job and focusing on the back breaking volunteer project. If you would have seen us tonight you would agree with the back breaking part.

The work over the last two days hasn't been on the sets but on the new building. The previous tenants had backed into it with a truck, many, many times and then proceeded to do some unbelievably horrible repairs. We have had a lot of rain here lately and much of it has been inside. One more day to re-repair our wall, another day to build a divider we promised the owner we would put up to separate our junk from his and then back to the bridge.

The bridge is actually just about at the state it was before the move. I came in one day during my long break and resembled most of it. Pretty soon we can get back to making progress.

We did take the opportunity to make some upgrades while we had it apart. First there were many platforms that weren't constructed very well that we re-enforced and that took care of much of the squeaks when walking around the ring.

Second, we carpeted before replacing all the consoles. I don't know why we didn't do that the first time... but we fixed it.

The third and most notable, we did away with all the match stick looking legs under the platforms which were causing much of the squeaking problem. We replaced them with 1' square x shaped stands that don't attach to the platforms. This gives us the ability to move or pad supports that squeak, quickly add extra support in any areas that need it and mostly...

along with keeping the console sections modular and not permanently attached to each other, any section of the bridge can be quickly unbolted, dropped onto wheel boards and moved away allowing camera angles from any section and...

each section of the bridge is compact enough it can be rolled into the back of a truck and transported anywhere. Anyone want to rent a bridge for your next corporate party?

It will actually take two semis and likely another smaller truck to move the entire set but it can now be done.

One big change we are making, after running some numbers I've discovered we will save many, muches amounts of money by using lcd screens for the bridge displays instead of building light boxes. It's a move I don't really care for but in the interest of time and cost it's our best and, at the present, only option. I hope in the future to be able to build the displays and replace the monitors.

While we're completing the bridge set I'm riding the production team to get started filming. Hopefully they can have everything in place so when we drive the last screw, they can start shooting.

Now that we're moving past the building and into the details of the set does anyone have any suggestions, questions, ideas or inside knowledge they would like to share?

Here are a couple of things I never would have thought I'd gain so much knowledge about.

1. Marbles. There are a couple of thousand marbles on this bridge. Finding a place to buy marbles these days hasn't been easy but I think I found someone who can put together a package of the marbles we need. I'll let you know how it turns out.

2. Ice trays. Supposedly the little square buttons on the control panels used mini ice trays for molds. If they did then they don't make those trays anymore. I have now ordered over the internet, because I could find none in this state, 5 different types of mini ices trays and none of them will work for molds. I'm at one of those stuck points, I can find no other trays that are different than what I already have. So I'm likely going to be making my own molds in the next few days. This will be fun... I'll let you know how it works out too.

I think I've let your in on all the current news and more. I'd love to hear you comments and suggestions, give it to me.

Oh, one more thing.

The Starship Ajax online store is now open for business. Everyone needs an Ajax coffee mug or at least a dog tag. Check it out on our website, .

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