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Re: "Caretaker" Line-by-Line

Okay, just thought I'd offer.

Later, Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, Paris, Torres, Kim, Neelix, Kes, Ayala and others are gathered on the bridge.

Janeway: We're alone, in an uncharted part of the galaxy. We've already made some friends here, and some enemies. We have no idea the dangers we're about to face, but one thing is clear: Both Crews are going to have to work together if we are to survive. That's why Commander Chakotay and I have agreed that this should be one crew: A Starfleet Crew. And as the only Starfleet Vessel assigned to the Delta Quadrant, we'll continue to follow our directive; to seek out new worlds and explore space. But our primary goal is clear, even at maximum speeds, it would take 75 years to reach the Federation, but I'm not willing to settle for that. There's another entity like the Caretaker out there somewhere who has the ability to get us there a lot faster. We'll be looking for her, and we'll be looking for wormholes, spatial rifts, and new technologies to help us. Somewhere, along this journey, we'll find a way back. Mister Paris, set a course for home.
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